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Mucking around with O Canada created a huge backlash. The plan had been approved in Harper's office by Adidas Prophere Boost the same people who okayed the Throne Speech. Dont Nike Dri Fit Sweatshirt

believe those who tell you otherwise.

Part of our human rights in this country includes putting women on a par with men at least symbolically.

´╗┐And then he Flopped

Politically it was a grand opportunity to get rid of nasty talk about Harper as a sexist who only cares about women who stay at home and collect $100 a month for taking care of their children.

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It appears the brain wave to change the anthem came from Conservative senator Nancy Ruth, both a feminist and a lesbian, and an out spoken defender of human rights and democracy.

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We must be kind to Harper. He had only two days to rush his Throne Speech after Vancouver. That's unless you believe Nike Hoodies And Windbreakers

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It was all planned. Believe it. Conservative senators don't go around freelancing policy on their own at least they don't do it for very long.

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The public response was nasty and overwhelming. Worse still. Those most angry were people that polling research shows usually support the Harper Conservative Party old white men, traditionalists, people who fear change and like things to stay the way they are.

of your medals it's nice to do at least something symbolic.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was not kind. Political opponents seldom are. He said: "You would think that after two months working on this speech they would have something more serious to propose to women."

Senator Ruth also had permission from Harper's office for a piece that will appear in the Hill Times newspaper launching the anthem debate on Monday, March 8.

Rule one in politics: never antagonize the base.

The radio open line shows were filled solid with complainers, whiners, and grumpies. Harper was accused of always cow towingand caving in to feminists. That will come as news to many feminists.

that tooth fairy story that he spent two months "recalibrating" the speech in Ottawa.

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We had heard that anthem over and over 14 times during the Olympics. When your women athletes 43 % of your contingent who win 80 % Nike Jackets Mens Price

Somehow Ruth had Harper's ear, and suddenly it was slipped into in his Throne Speech, although it did seem as an after thought.

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