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that all right, harmless hysteria doesn hurt much.

Then, time and opportunity permitting, I might well take up the lovely Emma at Off The Wall on her kind invitation. She has just opened her ice cream parlour in Brampton and has sweetly offered me pick of her menu.

Smart people extend their lives might even have a shot at immortality with allotment fodder, thus enabling lots more time for faffing endlessly with many mushrooms. That something to look forward to, eh?

It was hard enough counting to five and before you Nike Hoodies Womens

Nike Air More Uptempo Sz 7

Nike Air More Uptempo Sz 7

say it, yes I did fail maths but seven? Impossible at least while assiduously avoiding sprouts and the faff of stuffing mushrooms. Life too short to stuff a mushroom, somebody once famously said. She was right.

Harmless hysteria is the official diagnosis.

´╗┐All this faffing about is making me feel really hungry

going to take liberties, she told me, adding another couple of lemon slices to my gin.

Nike Air More Uptempo Sz 7

Still not quite seven a day (and Nike Air More Uptempo Sz 7 there are doubts about the doughnut) so, more lemon in the G frozen peas and a banana boat ice cream. Are we nearly there yet, Dad?

Nike Air More Uptempo Sz 7

My friend Twinkle has the right idea. She celebrates a significant birthday next week and is rightly bullish about the prospect of turning a page.

Nike Air More Uptempo Sz 7

Struggling to keep up with ever altering dietary diktats is commonplace, I told. It not just me. Many a poor sap has gone innocently low fat, only to be told too late sugar was always the killer culprit; given up cake, later to learn fruit is too sugary to be healthy; switched to slimline tonic before learning saccharine is the root of all heeby jeebies.

Celery to stick in the teeth; carrots, because I like a bit of colour in the fridge (and you never know when you might be called on to go night flying); mushrooms to beg vainly for stuffing; lettuce God knows why I keep buying lettuce.

Not a bad idea, birthday or no. Saturday is shopping day and, to show willing and avoid arrest by the foodie police, I be in the greengrocer again, stocking up with all those lovely, leafy goodies destined inevitably for the bin next Friday.

Nike Air More Uptempo Sz 7

Please put your courgettes away, I not be partaking today. I have carrot cake.

We suffer attacks relatively frequently but especially on Thursdays. It a syndrome brought on, no doubt, by our failure Nike Sportswear Windrunner

like to live in a village called Faugh, open a tearoom with my sister Kath and invite people to come and have a laugh in Faugh at Phil and Kath caff. he daft. But sometimes, when super busy, we journos have a tendency to spontaneous silliness. It releases stress and endorphins or something similar. Whatever they are, they odour free, thankfully.

So, now we not merely confused. we famished.

Nike Air More Uptempo Sz 7

Nike Air More Uptempo Sz 7

They a bossy lot, these foodie police folks. Seven portions of fruit and veg a day? Where a busy girl supposed to find the time for all that?

to consume nearly enough cabbage. But Nike Sb Jacket Green

Now they reckon even seven veggie things might be on the mean side of being nutritionally correct. Smart people scoff 10 ideally eight veg and two fruit thus avoiding all kinds of nasty diseases and premature death.

Nike Air More Uptempo Sz 7

I thinking Knickerbocker Glory and if she can be persuaded to put an extra cherry on the top, I think together we might just have cracked one of my dietary dilemmas.

quite like faffing, a chum in the newsroom offered, for no discernible reason at all.

agree, faff is a good word, I said.

Wisely using the milestone to reassess her attitude to life, she has decided on a new approach to well, everything.

Nike Air More Uptempo Sz 7

Nike Air More Uptempo Sz 7

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