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Boyver said the union is upset at the whole manner in which the plan is being rolled out.

Instead of CPI increases, why not tap the pension it into the raises we get each year like 0.5% this year.

Both UPSE and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) were vocal Tuesday in opposing the changes coming soon to public sector pension plans. Those changes include the elimination of guaranteed cost of living increases and a change in the calculation of pension earnings from the best three or best five years to a career average, adjusted to inflation.

The union proposal would have eliminated the deficit in the pension funds within three to five years, MacKinnon said.

She also pointed to a letter penned by Ghiz Adidas Prophere Fit to UPSE during the 2011 election campaign in which he promised, "no changes would be made to the pension plan without concurrence" from the union.

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When asked about this letter Tuesday, Ghiz said he tried his best.

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per cent wage rollback introduced in the 1990s by former Liberal premier Catherine Callbeck's administration.

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´╗┐Action against pension changes likely

The two unions recently presented government with a a counter proposal which they claim is more moderate and would ensure the plan is 100 per cent funded, rather than funded to 120 per cent, as government aims to do.

"We've spent 16 months as well going to meetings with the understanding we were going to work out a plan together, and that's not the end result," Boyver said.

"Retirees are very concerned about being able to afford to live. They're calling us asking, 'Where do I go if I can't afford my pills anymore?' This then puts a strain on social programs people see this Nike Jacket Kids Girls

"We think this is too drastic, we think this is unnecessary to go this far and we're going to tell our members that," MacKinnon said.

Premier Robert Ghiz and Finance Minister Wes Sheridan said their pension reforms would go ahead regardless of whether the unions are on side.

"There's a lot of people upset with this," Boyver said.

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So the Liberals are at the same trough as the federal PC's are they? Fact is as public servants we were never allowed to manage our own pension plans and as a result have been on the short end and under gov't control since day one ; rewind back to the 70's nothing has changed except the administration just gets greedier and more controlling than ever(witness Harper his clowns!). I hope the Union will be able to use judicial reburrals to this travestry of employment; many of us recall so vividly the setback we experienced from that infamous AND illegal rollback of 7.5%. Why doesn't someone hold these socalled "managers of public funds " accountable for their gross mismanagement ?

In the meantime, UPSE has meetings planned across the province to voice its concerns over the pension changes.

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government's pension reforms.

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as worse than the 7.5 per cent rollback."

Both Boyver and MacKinnon said they will go back to their members and their executives to decide how they will respond to government's hard line.

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But CUPE spokesman Bill MacKinnon said the province's changes go too far.

The two unions believe their proposal was brushed aside and accuse government of barreling ahead after promising to continue to negotiate for a few more weeks. Instead, a hastily called news conference, originally scheduled for Friday and later cancelled, was held Tuesday afternoon.

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Debbie Boyver, president of the Union of Public Sector Employees (UPSE) said the changes announced Tuesday to civil service pensions could result in retirees receiving 30 to 50 per cent less in their pension plans, according to estimates provided by an actuarial from Ontario retained by UPSE.

So we are still dealing with the same control freak mentality of gov't as back in the days of the infamous Callbeck 7.5% rollback? Some of us actually recall that most vividly and the finanical hardships and disintegration of trust it engendered between the employess and the gov't the latter having broken a legally binding contract ! I hope this Union will employ judicial means to rebut this travesty of their rights as good faith bargainers! It would seem that this gov't has totally railroaded over the parameters of their mandate and have set themselves up as gods of the coffers to the point where the employees who negotiated in good faith as we did back in the 7.5% rollback are cheated out of any say in their pensions whatsoever ; after all it is their pensions not theose of the administration which are in jeopardy. Do not forget that we were never allowed to manage our own pensions at any point in time and now it appears that these employess are being forced to sit and watch while gov't does at it pleases with those pensions with no effective imput from those directly concerned whatsoever. Kind od reminds one of Harper and his dummies in Ottawa!

is much more to worry about than money. Really, it's a way of life that's at stake something best not left to November 11th to Remember . . .

"Yes, changes are needed. Radical changes are not." MacKinnon said.

"But at the same time I have a responsibility as premier to make sure that I protect the pensions that are out there and that I protect the taxpayers."

Government says the changes are necessary in order to curb hundreds of millions in pension shortfalls that could to cripple the province's economy if left at status quo.

As a Government Employee I would like to know the details of what the two Unions say would work better than what has been brought forward. Every one agrees that there need to be changes to the plan if it cant fund itself. But lets be realistic that it is going to take both sides to get this fixed and I would love to see the unions plan to fix this in less than five years. Why not make it public!

Is this another example of Islanders being plan b'd or not? Was the consultation process inclusive and open minded or was the result predesignated? Which facts were allowed to construct the results and to drive the decisions? Did those who will be impacted by the decision also have a real say? After all, isn't the very purpose of democracy to give power to those who cannot directly represent their own interests? Just like the highway in Bonshaw, there Nike Tracksuit For Boys

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The changes are so controversial, Boyver is likening them to the 7.5 Nike Joggers Mens Grey

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